Twin Sex Doll Benz 155cm

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Play Doll® Benz is an awesome Twin Sex Doll and the twin sister of Mercedes.  She so closely resembles Mercedes that she is always confused with her.  Like Mercedes she can be found at the local strip club, though they don’t work at the same one.  They have been asked to be in movies together and to this point haven’t taken any of the offers.  Are you the type that dreams of sleeping with twins?  Do you want to be a part of their first threesome?  Can you picture yourself with two beautiful women at the same time?  We can and that’s why we are offering them to you.  Twin Sex Dol Benz can be fully articulated and has a soft supple skin.  Don’t let this fantasy die! Put her or them in as many fuck positions as your heart desires.  This Sex Doll has the ability to do oral, anal, and vaginal sex.  All we can say is take them home today to play!


*Model shown with styled hair, makeup and a sexy outfit.  Most have some makeup already applied.
*Colors might vary based on your monitor settings.
*Play Doll tattoo is not on any of our dolls! Just used as an image watermark.

Technical Data


5ft 1in (155cm)






57lbs (26kg)


32.6in (83cm)


15.7in (40cm)


29.5in (75cm)

Vaginal depth

7in (18cm)

Anus depth

6in (17cm)

Mouth depth

4.75in (12cm)

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