Play Doll Bunny 120cm

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Play Doll® Bunny is a silicone mini sex doll.  As you can see she is fun and energetic.  She is perfect sized for those who want all the fun of our larger dolls, but don’t like all the weight that comes along with them.  She is also easy to store when not in use.  Great for when guest come over and you don’t want them to know.  What she lacks in size and weight doesn’t affect the body she has.  All woman from head to toe.  Are you looking for a sexy little silicone mini doll?  Play doll Bunny can be posed in as many sex positions as you can think of.  Bunny has it all!  Ass, tits, and the perfect weight for those to move from sex position to sex position.  Mini sex doll Bunny has a platinum silicone outer skin and a metal skeleton.  Our silicone 111cm and 120cm sex dolls only have fixed vagina as an option!  All we can say is take her home to play!


*Model shown with styled hair, makeup and a sexy outfit.  Most have some makeup already applied.
*Colors might vary based on your monitor settings.
*Play Doll tattoo is not on any of our dolls! Just used as an image watermark.

Technical Data


3’11” (120cm)


Platinum Silicone




41.8lbs (19kg)


25.1in (64cm)


15.7in (40cm)


24in (61cm)

Vaginal Depth

7in (18cm)

Anus Depth

6.6in (17cm)

Mouth Depth

5.1in (13cm)

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