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  • The Facts Behind Fuck Dolls

    Too many times, dolls are seen as sex toys for lonely guys who can’t find a real girl. This stigma can put potential doll owners off of allowing themselves to enjoy the doll of their dreams. We’d like to share the facts of sex dolls with you—starting with the fact that doll owners are just like anyone else.

    There’s a reason that sex dolls are a multimillion dollar industry. People are buying them. These dolls are a financial investment so many, so they’re only bought when someone truly wants one. Statistics about the industry show that sex dolls are purchased by people around the world. There isn’t one singular culture that prizes these dolls. Instead, everyone can want them.

    History shows that sex dolls have been around for centuries. Ancient Greeks wrote reports of people falling in love with statues that depicted beautiful women. Dutch sailors used them in the 1700s to keep them company during long voyages at sea. People have always had the desire for the perfect woman, and the ability to fall in love with her even if she isn’t human.

    People today who own sex dolls are secretive about their relationships with their dolls. In fact, many owners pursue romantic relationships with other people, who may or may not be aware of the doll. Your neighbor or coworker could have a sex doll at home, and you likely wouldn’t know—unless you spoke to them on one of the multiple online forums dedicated to sex doll owners.

    There is absolutely no evidence that owning a sex doll says anything about a person’s mental health. A sex doll doesn’t mean that an owner is depressed or antisocial—all it means is they wanted the perfect companion.

    At the end of all the debate, sex dolls don’t hurt anyone and make their owners happy. Don’t deny yourself happiness because you’re afraid of what others might think. Your sex doll will never judge you, and neither will we.

    Posted: 1-26-2018 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Choose Your Perfect Companion Sex Doll

    When you’re choosing a sex doll, you need to consider what you’re looking for before making a purchase. This doll can be more than just a sex toy—she can be a partner and companion for your everyday life. Take a look at the things to consider before making your purchase.

    Who is your ideal woman? Consider everything—a doll won’t judge you, so you can choose whatever fits your fantasy. Do you want her with large or small breasts? Are you attracted to any particular ethnicity? A sex doll is a girl designed for you, so make sure that she’s your dream.

    How realistic do you want her to be? You can find a full-size sex doll that looks identical to a real woman, or you can choose a girl who’s smaller than average (except where it counts). You can even go for an anime character or fantasy elf if you want—just because she’s not human doesn’t mean she can’t be a worthwhile companion.

    Do you want a full figure, or are you looking for something more discreet? You can opt for a torso instead of a full doll—you’ll get all the important parts, but this doll will be much easier to hide away so others don’t see her.

    Is your sex doll a companion or a sex toy? While every doll is designed as a sex toy, many people choose to treat them as full partners or companions. After all, the doll’s realism means she can be a partner to you for more than just sex—she can cuddle with you or be a companion while you’re going about your day. When you decide how you’re going to treat your sex doll, it will influence which doll you want to purchase.

    Contact Play Doll to find your perfect sex doll. Your dream girl can be in your arms and your bed soon.  

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  • What Kind of Sex Doll Should You Buy?

    Finding the perfect love doll seems like an easy task, but with so many to choose from, you might be wondering where you should start. There are a few critical factors to consider that go beyond just the way she will look. Play-Doll knows you just want to get down to the good stuff, but here are a few things we think you should do before buying:


    Posted: 10-11-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • TPE Fuck Dolls Get Even More Realistic

    Play-Doll can’t get enough of these brothels across the world using fuck dolls as they become more mainstream. Companies are seeing the growth in demand and have started to make realistic TPE fuck dolls even more realistic with technology like Samantha.


    Posted: 9-28-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Woman Transforms Herself Into a Sex Doll

    Though there are so many niche sex dolls, like chubby or pregnant options, there is just something about the traditional, huge tit sex doll that so many people love. It’s not just men, either. According to the New York Post, a woman from Manchester, England has spent over $12,000 in attempts to make herself look like a real-life sex doll.


    Posted: 9-14-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • It’s National Matchmaker Day

    The team at Play-Doll are not only life-sized sex doll experts but also a bunch of romantics who feel great helping our customers find their ideal mate. We recognize August 31 as National Matchmaker Day because it’s what we do every day!


    Posted: 8-31-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Why Sex Dolls > Girlfriends

    If you’ve been thinking about getting a sex doll, we no time is better than right now. There are thousands of reasons you should, but here are just a few we can think of which explains why they’re even better than a girlfriend.


    Posted: 8-24-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • The Chubby Fetish

    Everyone has their preferences, and with so many fetishes out there, you might wonder if you’re the only person who is interested in them. As a company that creates realistic TPE fuck dolls for our customers from all walks of life, it’s our job to know about these fetishes and how we can help fulfill those fantasies. One of the most frequent requests we receive is for fat or chubby sex dolls.


    Posted: 8-17-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • 5 Role-Play Ideas You Will Love

    Let’s face it, vanilla sex can be exactly what it describes- vanilla. When you have a life-sized sex doll, you’re able to fulfill nearly every fantasy you can imagine. For that, there are plenty of ways you can spice up your bedroom time. Role-play is the sexiest way to meet all of your desires with the same partner because you can make it up as you go along! If you’ve been wanting to try role-playing but don’t know where to start, Play-Doll has a few suggestions.


    Posted: 8-10-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Dublin Brothel Hosts Lifelike Sex Doll

    We were just talking only a few weeks ago of the sex doll brothels opening up in various parts of Europe, and now it seems it has grown even further. According to Mirror, a brothel in Ireland’s capital has begun hosting the country’s “most realistic sex doll” named Passion Dolly. Her rate starts at just over $50 for 30 minutes or over $100 for an hour.


    Posted: 7-28-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Japanese Men Trade Real Women for Sex Dolls

    Recently, many stories of Japanese men who have decided to trade in real women for realistic sex dolls have surfaced across different news outlets. Men from a variety of backgrounds, including many who are married, have dismissed traditional relationships to be with their true love- their favorite sex doll.


    Posted: 7-21-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Today Is National Nude Day

    In July, there’s National Ice Cream Day, there’s National Tequila Day, and there is National Nude Day. July 14 celebrates everyone’s body- in its natural state. Though it’s hard to distinguish when and who started this glorious day, it’s said to originate from New Zealand. Play-Doll can’t help but think this might be one of our favorite days of the year- and we can think of a few ways you can commemorate.


    Posted: 7-14-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Sex Doll Starlet: Saffron

    Have you been searching for a sex doll with perfect huge tits? We know it’s not always to find exactly what you are looking for online, but we’re always committed to you. Play-Doll is always striving to meet the needs of all of our customers, and we think our Sex Starlet of the week, Saffron, could be the perfect girl for you.


    Posted: 7-7-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Technology and Sex Dolls

    Wе are оn thе сuѕр оf a ѕеxuаl rеvоlutіоn, thаnkѕ to tесhnоlоgу ѕеx dоllѕ and lоvе doll аrе becoming mоrе realistic.  Sеx dоllѕ has been ѕсіеnсе fісtіоn ѕtарlе fоr decades, tесhnоlоgісаl аdvаnсеѕ are сhаngіng the lаndѕсаре and are rеvоlutіоnіzіng sex. Sex bеtwееn partners іѕ іnсrеаѕіnglу saved fоr a ѕресіаl оссаѕіоn as sex dоllѕ step іn tо fill thе vоіd аnd satisfy our everyday need.


    Posted: 6-30-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Prisoner Petitions for Fuck Dolls

    Of all the requests often heard in prisons, this one might be the most useful. A UK prisoner who was sentenced in 2012 and is serving 17 years for drug dealing has requested for the over 80,000 inmates in Britain to be provided with sex dolls to release stress and aggression.


    Posted: 6-26-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • TPE Sex Dolls

    With the growth of the sex dolls market, most manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to develop various alternatives of making more affordable love dolls while as well keeping the same quality and experience. There are a variety of materials that have been used to produce love dolls such as vinyl, plush, latex and fabric. Nevertheless, none have quite the almost human-like feel like the TPE. (more…)

    Posted: 6-20-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Love Doll Care

    Your TPE doll requires some maintenance to improve its life and ensure you can enjoy her for years to come. This can be a quite pleasurable experience and once you’ve become familiar with your doll, can be utilized in the bedroom however you see fit.


    Posted: 6-16-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Makeup Can Change The Way Your Doll Looks

    So, you’ve chosen your favorite fetish sex doll from Play-Doll and have been enjoying your time with her, but you’re looking to spice things up. We understand, it’s the adventure of having a doll that is so exciting and you can change her to meet any of your desires. One of the easiest ways to transform your doll is with a little makeup. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few ways you can make your doll feel like another person and still have that same chemistry.


    Posted: 6-12-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Love Doll Exhibit Opens in Japan

    As a company that creates mini sex dolls, realistic TPE dolls, fetish dolls, and everything in between, Play-Doll appreciates the companies out there who have worked to bring dolls to the mainstream. For a short time in Tokyo, Orient Industry is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an exhibit for guests. The company responsible for coining the term love dolls is excited to show their progression of dolls throughout the years.


    Posted: 6-6-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Sex Doll Starlet: Alexa

    We’re back with our sex doll starlet this week, Alexa. She is a thick love doll that will have you on your knees. Play-Doll offers a variety of dolls, but there is one thing for sure, they do not all have the ass-ets quite like Alexa. We know you have your favorites, but Play-Doll always wants to provide our customers with options, and one doll you might not have considered yet is one of our favorites to date.


    Posted: 6-1-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • How Play-Doll Fulfills Fantasies

    Creating dolls that most people enjoy is easy, but Play-Doll goes above and beyond for our customers. We want to provide the best fetish sex dolls on the market and give everyone a taste of their ultimate fantasies. Here are just a few of our favorites.


    Posted: 5-31-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Love Dolls Are Getting More Real

    Every experience you have with a love doll from Play-Doll is intimate and personal, but what if they could also interact with you through your physical touch?


    Posted: 5-24-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Beauties From Around the World

    sex doll with black frizzy hair and beautiful faceSassy Sex Doll Saffron

    With a savage and seductive fuck-me-now look, Sassy Sex Doll Saffron will definitely please you if digging into European lands (more…)

    Posted: 5-21-2017 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Desarae: Our Sex Doll Starlet

    We always want our customers to get the most out of their time on our website, especially when they are shopping for the perfect realistic TPE fuck doll they can have their way with. We have begun our Sex Doll Starlet, which highlights one sex doll on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The best part of the feature? The doll will be on a special sale.


    Posted: 5-17-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Sex Doll Brothel Expands to Britain

    Just last month Play-Doll was talking about the new sex doll brothel that opened in Barcelona and marked the first of its kind in Europe. We were excited about our marketed slowly moving into mainstream media, and we know that Lumi Doll has faced some challenges along the way.


    Posted: 5-10-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • So I Bought a New Sex doll, What’s Next?

    “The Honeymoon”

    This weeks blog post is for those who are thinking of buying or have recently purchased their first sex doll.  A little education is a good thing.  This particular question comes from customers all over the world, “What do I need for my new doll?”  The answer is actually nothing.  You technically don’t need anything extra to enjoy your new doll, she or he comes complete and ready to fulfill your fantasy.  However, for those who want to pamper your new partner we have a short list of things you can get to make them happy.


    Posted: 4-28-2017 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Homemade Sex Dolls You Have to See

    There are plenty of people who understand a love doll with Play-Doll is well worth the investment, and there are others who are willing to cut corners to get off. Of all the homemade sex dolls we have seen over the years, we can think of two or three that have been most memorable- you’ll see why.


    Posted: 4-28-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Our Top Selling Love Dolls

    The Play-Doll team is asked questions all the time about our favorite items and what our best-selling fuck dolls are. We get it; you want to know what other people enjoy and know that the doll you buy is worth it. We want to satisfy all our customers and because of that reason, we offer a wide-range of dolls. Here are our top five dolls in no particular order.


    Posted: 4-21-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Top 10 Other Uses for Your Sex Doll

    When clients come to Play-Doll, they are usually searching for one of the best fuck dolls on the market that can be customized to their every desire. However, there are plenty of people out there who have found strange uses for sex dolls we’ve been sharing all week on our social media pages that we want to talk about a little bit more.


    Posted: 4-14-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Europe’s First Sex Doll Brothel Is Open

    Our industry is slowly creeping into mainstream media, and Play-Doll couldn’t be more excited about it. Just last month, Lumi Dolls created a sex doll brothel in Barcelona, Spain. This is the first sex doll agency of its kind in Europe and offers clients the opportunity to experience what it feels like to live out their erotic fantasies with one of four life-sized sex dolls.


    Posted: 4-7-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Is Chloe the Girl Of Your Dreams?

    Play-Doll’s team works every day to make realistic sex dolls that will satisfy our clients’ wildest dreams. With you in mind, we have created a doll that is perfect for anyone who wants a woman that is ready to please. If a blonde bombshell is what you are searching for, then you don’t have to look any further than Chloe.


    Posted: 3-29-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Try Our Favorite Sex Doll Positions

    All the Play-Doll team wants is for our customers to have a satisfying and sexy experience with one of our sex dolls. Not only do we allow for customization during checkout, but we also make each of our dolls with a metal skeleton that makes it easier for positioning. If you’re looking for a few new ways to spice things up in the bedroom, here are some of our favorite positions.


    Posted: 3-22-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • What Are Mini Love Dolls?

    Play-Doll doesn’t think we have to explain to you what a realistic love doll is if you’ve made it this far, but there is still plenty to learn about when it comes to the different types for you to choose from. We create each doll specifically for our customers, and we know how much they love mini love dolls.


    Posted: 3-15-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Pregnancy Fetishism

    This weeks blog is all about lovin’ the ladies that are pregnant!  We all have seen a woman at some point in our life that has been pregnant or at least looks like she might be.  Preggophilia is when a woman that has those features turns you on.  You( the one being turned on) can be both male or female. (more…)

    Posted: 3-6-2017 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Why You Should Just Buy a Fuck Doll Already

    Play-Doll sees you’ve been looking through our selection of realistic TPE fuck dolls, but you’ve yet to take the plunge. We get it- it’s not every day you invest in the best sex of your life, and you want to be sure you’re making the right decision. Your mouse has been hovering over the shopping cart and purchase for a few days now, and we can think of three reasons you should just do it already.


    Posted: 3-1-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • A Better Look at Male Sex Dolls

    When many of our customers think of a realistic sex doll, they often automatically think of a female option. It’s true that a vast majority of sex dolls on the market are women, but what about the male options out there? Play-Doll experts know it’s becoming a bigger topic of conversation, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. (more…)

    Posted: 2-28-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Why Blow-Up Sex Dolls Don’t Cut It

    We’ve all seen the movies where someone received a blow-up sex doll as a gift or a joke, but ever wonder what it’s actually like to use one? Play-Doll understands that when money’s tight, you might resort to a blow-up option, but we can think of plenty of reasons you should just forget about it and get a realistic TPE love doll instead. (more…)

    Posted: 2-21-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • The Bartending Sex Doll

    TPE and silicone sex dolls have been used for sex, as companions, and now as your favorite bartender? Play-Doll loves to talk about all things love doll related because hello- we love what we do. Being able to give our customers the best pleasure they have ever had is always been a top priority, but there are other companies out there who are using dolls in new ways. (more…)

    Posted: 2-14-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Play-Doll Attended the AVN Show in Vegas

    Learning more from innovative companies in the industry is the best way for Play-Doll to learn and grow our business and create the best sex dolls for our customer. Just a few weeks ago, we attended the AVN Show in Las Vegas and had a great time talking and getting to know so many people who share the same interests. (more…)

    Posted: 2-7-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • What is a Sex Doll?

    With so many different sex toys on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right toy that fits all your needs. Luckily, the internet has made people’s hunt for the perfect, pleasurable stimulate easier than before, and have given the spotlight to the world of love dolls. You might be wondering what a sex doll is, and Play-Doll is here to tell you.

    A sex doll also referred to as a love doll or fuck doll, is a toy that was created to model real people used for lovemaking. Depending on the kind of doll you are looking for, there are whole or partial body options, with added accessories. Though many first think of blow up dolls, (more…)

    Posted: 1-25-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • What Can a Love Doll Offer You?

    For those out there who have never had their own fuck doll, they might be questioning their need for one. Play-Doll can understand the curiosity, and we also know the appeal they offer our customers. More than just another sex toy to play with, dolls can bring other benefits to your life that you might not otherwise have. (more…)

    Posted: 1-18-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • How to Make Your Sex Doll Even More Realistic

    After reading all about the different fuck dolls Play-Doll can offer you, you decided to invest in one. We’re excited for you. After making the commitment to one of the best dolls on the market, we understand your desire to make your doll even more realistic once it arrives at your door. Play-Doll wants your experience to be the best yet, and we think you can do that with a few additional items. (more…)

    Posted: 1-11-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Dolls

    Sex dolls are known around the world, but there are many facts that new customers don’t know! Play-Doll has spent years perfecting our realistic sex doll options, and with that, we have spent time learning about this industry. We come across interesting facts often, and always want to share our findings with customers who are interested. (more…)

    Posted: 1-4-2017 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Silicone Versus TPE Love Dolls

    If you’re searching for a fuck doll for the first time, you might need a little help with the purchasing process. With so many companies and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, Play-Doll is a business that offers both TPE and silicone love dolls, and we can explain some of the biggest differences between the two.


    Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a mix of polymers which have both plastic and rubber qualities. TPE is attractive to use because it is economical and allows for products to have rubber-like features. (more…)

    Posted: 12-29-2016 | Author: Play Doll |
  • How You Can Customize Your Love Doll

    The best part of having your own fuck doll? She is everything you have ever wanted. She was created specifically to satisfy you, and Play-Doll can promise that she is made perfectly because you were the one who designed her. For our dolls, we have a variety of free and small-charge customizations that creates your most ideal woman. Play-Doll knows that you are choosing a partner, and we want her to be everything you ever imagined she could be.


    Posted: 12-26-2016 | Author: Play Doll |
  • What Makes Our Sex Dolls Realistic?

    For anyone who has been thinking about getting their first realistic sex doll, they might be surprised to see just how lifelike these dolls can be, especially when you receive a doll from Play-Doll. After years of research and manufacturing, Play-Doll has found the right combination of elements that make our dolls look nearly identical to how a human body feels.


    Posted: 12-22-2016 | Author: Play Doll |
  • Have You Met Pregnant Danielle?

    If there is anything that our customers know about our dolls, it’s that they are customizable to exactly what you are looking for and we have a huge selection to fit any “type”. Your experiences with our real dolls are to be as authentic as possible, and that’s why Play-Doll has created Danielle.


    Posted: 12-16-2016 | Author: Play Doll |
  • 9/11 Blow-Up Doll Fiasco

    Bringing your Sex Toy/ Doll to Sacred Places

    Just wanted to make a quick post about a crazy event that happened on the eve of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Not a lot of information is available because I think it was swept under the rug as fast as it hit the ground.  Supposedly four British men decided it would be fun/funny to take a blow-up doll to the Ground Zero Memorial.  I am all for sex fun with blow-up and sex dolls, but I think we should draw the line somewhere, don’t you?  Story goes they were running around Manhattan snapping photos with the blow-up doll for a round of bachelor party fun.


    Posted: 10-9-2016 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Blow-Up Jackets and Bags

    Have you ever wanted to wear your sex doll?

    I have seen these jackets before. I am sure most of you have at some point have too. It has always been in my mind to write a small post about these blow-up doll jackets because selling dolls is part of my life. And why not? Sex Dolls have been seen in many different forms over thousands of years, but none like this! (more…)

    Posted: 9-12-2016 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Beautiful Twerking Butt Sex Doll

    Can You Make it Clap for Me?

    Did you ever think it would be possible to fuck that sexy thick twerking ass you see around you or on YouTube? If that is you, your prayers have finally been answered!


    Posted: 8-27-2016 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Meet Gay Bob!

    Today, certain things are better left alone or just not said in fear of social backlash. This however was not the case even a couple of decades ago. This weeks post shows what would have been acceptable back in the 1970’s. It is a doll, though only 12 inches tall. Meet Gay Bob! (more…)

    Posted: 8-14-2016 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Indonesian Police Take Doll From Man

    Earlier this year a Indonesian Fisherman found an “angel” floating in the ocean. He thought it was sent to him from the heavens.  Living in a remote area he doesn’t have access to the internet or any other means to find out what the woman truly was.


    Posted: 8-4-2016 | Author: Jeffrey Madden |
  • Love And A SEX DOLL

    I want to start off by telling people that I was fascinated by the sex toy industry like many of you.  Thus I set out to create a website (link) focusing on just that.  Looking at the vast majority of the products out there I was enamored with the direction the products were going.  Today we don’t just see dildos and pocket pussies.  People are looking for something extra and that is what I wanted to bring to you. (more…)

    Posted: 7-28-2016 | Author: Admin |
  • Child Dolls: Used for Mental Health, Ok or Not Ok?

    First and foremost!!!  I want to make it VERY CLEAR that I, any of my employees, and Ladon Global along with any and all of it’s affiliates DO NOT associate, or plan to sell any of these sex dolls at any time!  So please do not post things here or anywhere else that are negative towards.  Please share with each other and keep it clean and civil.  All views are equally important and treated with respect.  Those who can’t post thoughts like an adult will be deleated.  We are posting this blog as a means to make people aware that this product exists and start a debate on a different form of sex doll. (more…)

    Posted: 7-28-2016 | Author: Admin |

    YOU ARE NORMAL With their long lustrous hair, overwhelming make-up and idealize skin, at first look these glamorous ladies seem to make the ideal friends. (more…)

    Posted: 7-28-2016 | Author: Admin |
  • Love Doll

    We have a large amount of experience in giving clients an astonishing individual and sexual experience. We make every love doll to your particular needs, hence making the most out of control sexual experience you have constantly longed for. We are constantly developing new Love Dolls. (more…)

    Posted: 7-25-2016 | Author: Admin |
  • We Strive to Offer the Newest Fuck Dolls

    Fuck Doll Video YouTube play




    We strive to offer the newest dolls as soon as they are developed. Due to our dedication to this industry we are often the first to offer them. Our factory as well as Play Doll are always looking for new ideas for future Fuck Dolls. If you have a dream Love Doll please let us know.  If there is a true demand for him/her we would love to create it.  We are also working on our own product line as well.  Check back often to see the latest and exclusive products Play-Doll has to offer.  Allow us to -Mold them into Your Wildest Fantasy!

    Posted: 7-18-2016 | Author: Admin |