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Why Blow-Up Sex Dolls Don’t Cut It

We’ve all seen the movies where someone received a blow-up sex doll as a gift or a joke, but ever wonder what it’s actually like to use one? Play-Doll understands that when money’s tight, you might resort to a blow-up option, but we can think of plenty of reasons you should just forget about it and get a realistic TPE love doll instead.

They’re fragile

Some of us like it a little rough, and you can forget about that with a blow-up love doll. Made from a thin plastic, you won’t be able to utilize the doll quite the way you would wish. Plus, you’ll be going through them left and right.

They’re unrealistic

Unlike a love doll from us, blow-up dolls are cartoon-like. They are made from a hard plastic, are filled with air, and rarely look like an actual human. When people are searching for the feel of a human, a blow-up doll is about as far opposite as you can go.

They’re hard to position

With a flimsy plastic and fixed limbs, you’ve favorite position might be out of the question. The price tag that comes with a blow-up doll means giving up the flexibility you can find with many realistic dolls that are on the market.

They don’t offer the intimacy many are looking for

Plenty of people out there are looking for more than just a doll; they also want a companion. Blow-up dolls simply do not feel, look, or have the characteristics of a real human. Realistic love dolls give customers a chance for the deep connection they have been searching for.

Fortunately, Play-Doll offers affordable TPE and silicone sex dolls that are durable, easy to maintain, realistic, flexible, easy to position, customizable, and have the characteristics many are searching for in a doll companion. Your new favorite toy is just a few clicks away.

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