Japanese Men Trade Real Women for Sex Dolls

Recently, many stories of Japanese men who have decided to trade in real women for realistic sex dolls have surfaced across different news outlets. Men from a variety of backgrounds, including many who are married, have dismissed traditional relationships to be with their true love- their favorite sex doll.

According to industry insiders, nearly 2,000 sex dollars are bought by Japanese men each year with purchases on the rise. Of the men interviewed for their lifestyle choices, they all have similar desires and goals: to be with someone who will listen to them, stay faithful, and love them unconditionally. Many of these men also express they will likely never date a real woman again if given the option because of the love they have for their dolls.

Sex dolls offer much more than just satisfaction in the bedroom; they can fill a void that might be left from broken and failed relationships. Those who have taken the plunge and purchased a sex doll have gained more than just someone to help them live out every one of their biggest fantasies- they’ve gained a life partner.

Over the years, companies like Play-Doll have worked to make dolls even more realistic for customers to have an even better experience. With our ever-growing options, we can help you create the woman or man of your dreams. This once unconventional romantic relationship is slowly becoming more of a social norm, and Play-Doll loves that people are talking about these partnerships in the mainstream.

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