Beautiful sex doll with brunette hair and Kate Mara looks

TPE Fuck Dolls Get Even More Realistic

Play-Doll can’t get enough of these brothels across the world using fuck dolls as they become more mainstream. Companies are seeing the growth in demand and have started to make realistic TPE fuck dolls even more realistic with technology like Samantha.

Samantha is not just a regular sex doll, but an interactive sex doll that can remember individual people can speak several languages, moans, and is claimed to replicate the female orgasm by its creator. We’re not sure who else is excited about this- but our team loves to hear about positive customer interactions with dolls that are similar to ours.

According to the DailyMail, Samantha has been created since the growing trend of men preferring to sleep with sex dolls over real women in brothels. The AI software she uses can develop with time and provide more opportunities to get to know each person and the specific ways they interact with her. Some customers have even claimed Samantha’s breasts react to touch.

AI has only improved the ways we have sex with our favorite fuck dolls, and Play-Doll can’t wait to see the new ways it will continue to advance over time. Though this technology is exciting, we know they can become expensive quickly, and it doesn’t always fit in everyone’s price point. Play-Doll has the perfect solutions for those searching for realistic sex dolls at a realistic price point.

Our selection of sex dolls is vast, and we provide an even larger variety of customization options to make your doll the girl of your dreams. From fetish sex dolls to minis and torsos, we understand that every customer has different needs and desires and our team works to accommodate all of those and more.

With more questions about our sex dolls, please contact the Play-Doll experts today by calling (509) 288-4647.

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