Our Top Selling Love Dolls

The Play-Doll team is asked questions all the time about our favorite items and what our best-selling fuck dolls are. We get it; you want to know what other people enjoy and know that the doll you buy is worth it. We want to satisfy all our customers and because of that reason, we offer a wide-range of dolls. Here are our top five dolls in no particular order.

Pregnant sex doll
Click This Photo to See Danielle

Pregnant Danielle 

A Play-Doll exclusive, Danielle is everything you want in a sex doll because she was designed after real, pregnant women. She has the curves and glow you crave, and will give you the chance to live out your dream of sleeping with a sexy pregnant woman.



Click This Photo to See Elyse

Busty Elysa

It doesn’t matter if you are a tits or ass guy, Elysa fits the bill for all of the above. She is sexy, slim, and her M-cup will leave you speechless. She is everything you could want in a doll, with all the curves to prove it.



Click This Photo to See Ling Ling

Shy Ling Ling

Have you always been into the girl next door? Ling Ling is the perfect combination of sweet and shy with all the sexy features hidden under her clothes. She is an authentic height and will give you a realistic experience.



Sex toys doll
Click This Photo to See Jezabelle

Mini Love Doll Jezabelle

At just 100CM tall, Jezabelle is the petite version of a full-sized love doll. She has unique facial features and a gorgeous body that looks and feels just like the other dolls we offer. Just take a look, she will not disappoint.



Sex doll torso
Click This Photo to See Betty

Torso Betty

Betty is a full-bodied sex doll without legs. She is easy to store away when you need to but still gives you perfect pleasure. She was designed to look and feel just as a woman, without legs getting in the way of your wildest fantasy.



\Whether you’re already clicking the shopping cart or still searching, Play-Doll has a huge selection to choose from. We want our customers to get everything they desire in a love doll, and that starts with customizable options to provide the ultimate erotic experience.

With more questions about our dolls, call us today at (509) 288-4647.

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