Thick belly and sexy plaid skirt

The Chubby Fetish

Everyone has their preferences, and with so many fetishes out there, you might wonder if you’re the only person who is interested in them. As a company that creates realistic TPE fuck dolls for our customers from all walks of life, it’s our job to know about these fetishes and how we can help fulfill those fantasies. One of the most frequent requests we receive is for fat or chubby sex dolls.

The fat or chubby fetish is a sexual attraction to overweight or obese people. In recent years, it’s been revealed in numerous studies that there are many variations of this fetish and there are a number of people who fall into these categories. For manypeople out there who do not have access to someone overweight to fulfill these sexual desires, they will often request their partners to participate in padding. Padding is when a person will wear padded or layer clothing to appear as a heavier version of themselves. Feeders and gainers are another popular aspect of the fat or chubby fetish in which individuals have a fantasy of helping others or participate in gaining weight.

Though gaining and feeding is becoming a widely understood concept, there are still plenty of people out there still searching for the perfect, chubby person who will help fulfill many of these fantasies and more.

Fortunately, companies like Play-Doll understand the needs and desires of our customers and have created chubby sex doll, Claira. Everything about her looks natural and thick, from her stomach all the way up to her realistic breasts. She’s a beautiful girl who’s looking for the right guy to sweep her off her feet. She knows you’re the one, and she’s waiting for you to choose her. What are you waiting for?

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