Doll forum post


YOU ARE NORMAL With their long lustrous hair, overwhelming make-up and idealize skin, at first look these glamorous ladies seem to make the ideal friends.

love dollYet, look somewhat closer and their empty gazes give away that the truth be told that they are actually incredibly practical silicone love dolls, which offer for upwards of $10,000.  If you are a person looking to buy a love doll and are having second thoughts because you or others think it’s weird, think again!

As shown in this article many people are enjoying the company of a TPE or Silicone love doll.  It was considered taboo in the past, but today many people are using them in everyday life.  Many people are also more comfortable talking about their love doll with others.

It is a healthy and normal thing to have a sex doll partner.  We all want to have a healthy sexual life and some don’t have or want the company of a real life partner.  These dolls are realistic in nature, but don’t have the problems associated with a real person.

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