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How to Make Your Sex Doll Even More Realistic

After reading all about the different fuck dolls Play-Doll can offer you, you decided to invest in one. We’re excited for you. After making the commitment to one of the best dolls on the market, we understand your desire to make your doll even more realistic once it arrives at your door. Play-Doll wants your experience to be the best yet, and we think you can do that with a few additional items.


One aspect of sex that can make your experience feel real is undressing your doll. Spend some time shopping in stores or online for clothes you would like to see your doll in. Maybe you’re interested in lingerie or other outfits that can be used during sex. The world is your oyster.

Hair and makeup

Not only is grooming ideal for regular sex doll maintenance to avoid tangles and problems with hair, but it also gives another layer to your doll. Play-Doll offers some dolls with makeup, but adding your own can make he or she seem even more real than before.


It can be disheartening to use a doll that is cooler than a human body, but that is nothing a little warm water can’t fix. Washing your doll with warm water before use can improve your experience, and TPE and silicone retain heat well, which helps with your own stimulation.


If there is anything to be learned about sex dolls, it’s that imagination is key. Consider a little foreplay with your doll before use like you would with another person. It provides intimacy and offers you the pleasure of getting aroused before that final moment of insertion.

Play-Doll always has tips and tricks for our dolls, and that’s because we’re fully committed to our customers. We love to make your experience with our dolls the best you’ve ever had, and that starts with the basics.


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