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Sex Doll Brothel Expands to Britain

Just last month Play-Doll was talking about the new sex doll brothel that opened in Barcelona and marked the first of its kind in Europe. We were excited about our marketed slowly moving into mainstream media, and we know that Lumi Doll has faced some challenges along the way.

Not long after their initial opening, they were shut down by their building owner after she had learned of their business and other local prostitutes complaining of the new competition. Fortunately, they reopened their doors at a new location and only reveal their location to paying customers to ensure the privacy many are searching for. They are also already considering expansion into other countries.

You read that right. Lumi Doll is looking for a new brothel location in Britain. With their initial success, they see there is a market for people looking for authentic experiences with sex dolls that can fulfill their every fantasy.

Since our last blog, Leiza has been removed from their available dolls, and Kanda and Niky have been added. Services are still the same, with clients able to request the clothes their dolls will be in, where they can be found in the apartment and other customization which they can use during their time with the doll.

With new brothels being considered, Play-Doll wouldn’t be surprised to see Lumi Doll to offer more fetish-oriented options and an overall wider selection to appeal to a variety of customers. For those out there who are just looking for a sex doll all of their own, Play-Doll has the answers to your sexual desires.

From round asses to huge tits, we have the sex doll selection you want. We offer each doll with our customers in mind and even allow for customization to ensure she is everything you want in your new favorite fuck doll and more.

With more questions, please contact us today by calling (509) 288-4647.

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