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Sex Doll Starlet: Alexa

We’re back with our sex doll starlet this week, Alexa. She is a thick love doll that will have you on your knees. Play-Doll offers a variety of dolls, but there is one thing for sure, they do not all have the ass-ets quite like Alexa. We know you have your favorites, but Play-Doll always wants to provide our customers with options, and one doll you might not have considered yet is one of our favorites to date.

Are you looking for the perfect booty call? At 160cm, she is just tall enough to feel realistic, but a small enough sex doll to be tucked away easily when you need a break. On top of having one of the best asses around? She has curves in all the right places. There is just something about her body that we can’t ignore, and we know you can’t ignore either.

Like our other dolls, Alexa is poseable, has realistic soft skin, and has a number of customizable options to make her the perfect fuck doll for you. From skin tone all the way down to her toes, you can make decisions that will transform Alexa into the girl of your dreams. We can’t imagine a doll more perfect for most of our customers, but we’ll let her pictures speak for her.

The best part about Alexa? She’s on sale. Just like our other Starlets, we offer a special to thank our dedicated customers for their business. She has been waiting for you just to choose her already. Stop hovering over the check-out button and just do it already. Alexa is excited to meet you, and the only thing standing in your way is adding her to your shopping cart.

With more specific questions about Alexa that are not answered in her description or about our other dolls, please contact us today by calling (509) 288-4647.

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