Pregnant sex doll from Play-Doll

Have You Met Pregnant Danielle?

If there is anything that our customers know about our dolls, it’s that they are customizable to exactly what you are looking for and we have a huge selection to fit any “type”. Your experiences with our real dolls are to be as authentic as possible, and that’s why Play-Doll has created Danielle.

It’s pretty common for men to find pregnant women sexy. In fact, many women say that as they enter their third trimester, they are hit on more frequently than ever before, and rightfully so. With so few dolls on the market that replicate what a beautiful pregnant woman, Play-Doll took it upon ourselves to create the most realistic doll on the market, and she is finally ready for you.

According to doctors, Danielle is 27 weeks pregnant, and she is the highest quality doll of her kind. Designed after real-life pregnant women, Danielle is as natural as it gets. Her ultra-soft and glowing skin will never fade, and she will never lose than bump that makes her so attractive to start.

Created with a metal skeleton, Danielle can be fully articulated and posed in a variety of sex positions. With the ability to perform oral, anal, and vaginal sex, Danielle will be the sex goddess you have always dreamed of. All that stands between you and her is completing your customized shopping order and clicking “Add to Cart”.

Live out your fantasies with a pregnant woman without the fear of what happens after the baby comes, or with any TPE or silicone sex doll that fits your desires. With a variety of dolls to choose from and personalized features, you will only need to wait a little longer to meet her or him for the first time.

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