2017 AVN adult show

Play-Doll Attended the AVN Show in Vegas

Learning more from innovative companies in the industry is the best way for Play-Doll to learn and grow our business and create the best sex dolls for our customer. Just a few weeks ago, we attended the AVN Show in Las Vegas and had a great time talking and getting to know so many people who share the same interests.

AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) is a new B2B space exclusive for pleasure products. With networking events, workshops, demonstrations, and everything in between, we got to see some of the latest and great pleasure products from top companies around the world. Around 250 brands, that is.

ANE has more companies debut new products at their events more than any other, so we got first looks and some awesome toys, supplements, gifts, sex furniture, condoms, and everything in between. Plus, it was a bonus that there were so many beautiful models demonstrating these items on the floor.

With such a large turnout, Play-Doll learned even more about our customers and the huge audience we reach. Everyone was comfortable and excited to talk about their favorite toys and love dolls with us, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to chat about our line of work.

Attending these events and learning from other professionals gives Play-Doll the spark of creativity and initiative everyone is looking for in the New Year. Let’s just say we’re eager to head back to the expo the next time it comes around.

Though Play-Doll is always looking for the best way to improve our fuck dolls, we already have great options out there for our customers. From choosing your favorite features all the way to discreet shipping, we have thought of everything you want and need when finally getting to see your doll for the first time.

With more questions about our selection, check us out online or call today at (509) 288-4647.

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