Prisoner Petitions for Fuck Dolls

Of all the requests often heard in prisons, this one might be the most useful. A UK prisoner who was sentenced in 2012 and is serving 17 years for drug dealing has requested for the over 80,000 inmates in Britain to be provided with sex dolls to release stress and aggression.

After watching a documentary on television about men living with sex dolls, he believes that having access to these companions is an ideal way for prisoners to avoid mischief and decrease violence, especially in countries like the UK who do not allow for conjugal visits. Because these dolls would be inflatable, he claims there are many added benefits for these new roommates, including exercising the lungs, which can help reverse the impacts smoking has had on many who are in prison. He even mentions that it will not cost the prisons any money because these dolls would be paid for out of their own pockets.

Not surprisingly, other prisoners have also propositioned fuck doll allowances to help release stress in the past. This story was picked up by various news outlets, but any official statements by professionals in this particular prison system have yet to be released.

Who can blame the guy? Fuck dolls are the perfect alternative for those who are looking for sexual companionship without the worry or logistics of a human. Our only suggestion is to forget about the rubber blow up dolls many are likely considering and to think about the even more realistic options out there like those offered at Play-Doll.

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