Cute African American sex doll with curly hair and sexy lips

So I Bought a New Sex doll, What’s Next?

“The Honeymoon”

This weeks blog post is for those who are thinking of buying or have recently purchased their first sex doll.  A little education is a good thing.  This particular question comes from customers all over the world, “What do I need for my new doll?”  The answer is actually nothing.  You technically don’t need anything extra to enjoy your new doll, she or he comes complete and ready to fulfill your fantasy.  However, for those who want to pamper your new partner we have a short list of things you can get to make them happy.

     We will start with receiving your doll and opening the box.  Your new sex doll will come in a plain brown box.

Sex doll plain brown box

While you open your package be careful not to cut the contents in the box.  After you open you box please make sure the eyes, wig, and insert (if you chose this option) and a random article of clothing are all inside the box.

Sex doll accessories kit

This image contains many wigs, eyes and inserts.  You will receive one of each. You will also receive a pack that has white gloves, glue  clothing because it is the first thing many think to purchase for their new doll.

     Next you might want to dress your doll in the types of clothing you like.  All our models have custom outfits picked by a professional photographer.  Putting sexy lingerie on your doll is great for play.

Happy sex doll kneeling next to a fire and bottle of wine

Many purchase a new outfit for their doll and the first thing we recommend you do is WASH it.  We can not preach that enough.  Some of the darker clothes can stain the skin of your new doll.  This is not a Play Doll thing, so don’t be alarmed.  It is the material that does it.  So wash it and try to stay away from dark clothing.  For those who like to sleep (overnight) with their dolls to get lighter sheets.

     Many people also want to apply makeup to their doll to add to the fantasy.  We recommend that you use a good quality makeup.  Good quality doesn’t have to be expensive.

Fuck doll makeup kit

Applying makeup is easy.  If you haven’t done it before don’t be scared.  Most come with an applicator brush.  If the makeup you bought doesn’t come with the brush, purchase one!  The brush makes it easier to apply and to smooth and layer.  You can buy extra eyelashes, mascara and nail polish.

     Cleaning your doll is very important as chances you are having sex are high and you might want to change out the makeup.  We will start with the makeup first.  The makeup might be a little difficult to remove completely so be patient and don’t be aggressive.  There are many brands out there, but Pond’s cold cream seems to work best.  Does the job, but doesn’t harm the doll.  The doll can be washed in a tub using a mild soap and water.  You can also clean your doll using a washcloth with mild soap as well.  Be sure to let the doll dry completely before using it again.  If you purchased an insert for your doll be sure to clean the insert after use and leave it out while not having fun time!  If you leave the insert in and not cleaned you might start to get moldy.  Some of our customers have purchased extra inserts to avoid having to wait for it to be cleaned and dried before you can use your doll again.  Always apply baby powder to you doll after you clean them.

     There are many different things you can run into when having a sex doll.  We will either add to this post or make more posts in the future that you might want to think about.

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