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Today Is National Nude Day

In July, there’s National Ice Cream Day, there’s National Tequila Day, and there is National Nude Day. July 14 celebrates everyone’s body- in its natural state. Though it’s hard to distinguish when and who started this glorious day, it’s said to originate from New Zealand. Play-Doll can’t help but think this might be one of our favorite days of the year- and we can think of a few ways you can commemorate.

Take a dip in your pool

There’s something about skinny dipping in your pool that can be so freeing. With temperatures sure to be in the 80s or 90s, it’s time to strip down and hop on it. Trust us, the water’s fine, and you’ll enjoy the liberty it brings.

Spend time in your home all natural

We’re all guilty of walking around our homes naked from time to time, but now you have a whole day dedicated to just that. Get your chores done around the house, cook dinner, and bask in the glory of being clothes-free for even just a few hours.

Celebrate with your love doll

Having a life-sized sex doll lets you have fun every day of the year, but there’s always a reason to make one-day extra special. If you’ve been wondering how to spice up your sex life, spend the evening with your doll fully naked and get to know her body all over again. You won’t regret it, we guarantee it.

Searching for the perfect sex doll? Play-Doll has you covered. We have a variety of dolls in stock with customizable options for you. Finding the girl of your dreams has never been easier than it is with us. Before long, you’ll be able to live out every fantasy you have, whether it’s on National Nude Day or not.

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