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I want to start off by telling people that I was fascinated by the sex toy industry like many of you.  Thus I set out to create a website (link) focusing on just that.  Looking at the vast majority of the products out there I was enamored with the direction the products were going.  Today we don’t just see dildos and pocket pussies.  People are looking for something extra and that is what I wanted to bring to you.


Sex Dolls have been around for some time now.  The thing that amazes me is the quality and the realism that we currently see is exponentially greater than what we saw even 5 years ago.  People come to us with special requests and we love hearing what people want.  Even though we can’t accommodate everyone’s fantasy it helps us determine what direction we should go next.  I get calls almost daily from college students, husbands, wives, divorcees’, and widows.  I actually find talking to them very interesting.  Most people actually just buy a doll online because they are afraid people will judge them and want the purchasing part of it to be over.  I find that those people are mostly looking for a “Fuck Buddy”, but the people who call me are looking for a partner of some kind.


The article (link) that I am going to share with you today is one that is fairly recent.  It has been talked about throughout the industry, but maybe you haven’t seen it yet or would like to place your opinion on our post.  There are two men.  The first one in the article isn’t known, but he is seen posing for pictures dressing a sex doll in a wedding dress and what looks to be a wedding album.  Does he truly love this sex doll or is this and ad campaign?  When I started in this business I could easily reply the latter, but today after talking to so many people I now wonder.  As you read the article, which I hope you do, ask yourself if it is possible.  The article claims that there are a couple of possibilities, it is an ad campaign, or he is dying from cancer and didn’t want to leave a grieving widow.



The second man in the article is known and he is proud of his decision to purchase his sex doll.  He however does not use his doll for those purposes.  He was convinced that he also would never marry and have kids.  So, he purchased a doll on Taobao, which I will not recommend, because countless people have called me after purchasing from Taobao and were scammed.  Please protect yourself and only buy from reputable dealers.  He takes his doll everywhere and treats her like his daughter.


Though these are only a couple of cases, I can tell you I get calls all the time from people thinking the same types of things.  If you are a person looking for something extra, Sex/Love/Fuck Dolls are the way to go.  They provide the obvious, but they can provide so much more.

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