Sexy face with green eyes and red lips.

Love Dolls Are Getting More Real

Every experience you have with a love doll from Play-Doll is intimate and personal, but what if they could also interact with you through your physical touch?

A Spanish engineer, Sergi Santos, has built a sex doll with features he calls physiological intelligence. Her name is Samantha. With sensors across her entire body, human touch and verbal cues can gain a response from Samantha that could peak her interest in having sex with you. She is an ideal choice for those looking for a chase.

Santos believes that Samantha could be different from many of the dolls out there and could act as an actual companion. She is preprogrammed with 700 phrases with the ability to learn up to 60,000 more. She can also reach orgasm, which makes up for the reported 80% of women who have faked orgasms in their lifetime. With Samantha, it will feel real every time.

There is no word of when Samantha will be available for consumers, but she has definitely sparked our interests for the future. Fortunately, there are companies like Play-Doll who are already focused on giving our customers the most authentic and erotic experience possible.

Though our dolls are not electronic, they are as realistic as it gets. Their soft TPE skin and other features feel like genuine, human touch. They are poseable, can be dressed up or dressed down if you catch our drift. With so many body types and types in our inventory, you are sure to find a doll that can be customized to your exact desires. From hair to eye color and everything in between, all that stands in your way from having the perfect woman is a few clicks on our website.

With more questions about our love dolls, check us out online or call us today at (509) 288-4647.


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