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Love Doll Exhibit Opens in Japan

As a company that creates mini sex dolls, realistic TPE dolls, fetish dolls, and everything in between, Play-Doll appreciates the companies out there who have worked to bring dolls to the mainstream. For a short time in Tokyo, Orient Industry is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an exhibit for guests. The company responsible for coining the term love dolls is excited to show their progression of dolls throughout the years.

Visitors can view just how realistic dolls have become in the past decades, will have Party Dolls available to dispense juice from their voluminous breasts, and will even have an “experience corner.” Though the details of this corner have not been totally defined, many expect this attraction to allow guests to pose these dolls and see just how realistic their skin feels before having the opportunity to take photos.

Orient Industry has focused on making sex dolls an acceptable and celebrated part of society, and discussing their many purposes for those who buy them. This exhibit will only be available for a limited time (May 20 – June 11), so if you are in Japan for a visit, see what sex dolls are all about. Play-Doll has helped many individuals find their perfect doll and opened their eyes to a world of erotic and exciting sexual experiences that have created a companionship that is unmatched.

For those who are simply interested in one of our many sex doll options, we have the selection for you. Our dolls are chosen to fit a variety of fantasies, and you are bound to find the doll that is everything you wanted and more. From thick asses to huge tits, our sex dolls are realistic and can provide you with the pleasure and excitement you have always dreamed of.

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