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Love Doll Care

Your TPE doll requires some maintenance to improve its life and ensure you can enjoy her for years to come. This can be a quite pleasurable experience and once you’ve become familiar with your doll, can be utilized in the bedroom however you see fit.

Your care kit ought to have:

  • Spray bottle
  • Baby wipes (unscented)
  • Soft fleece towel
  • Cornstarch powder
  • Thick makeup brush
  • Baby oil
  • Nivea crème
  • Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

Washing Your Doll

It’s never necessary to scrub down your entire doll in the bathroom. Our professionals discourage this methodology of cleaning. Cleaning your doll is far simpler than you might believe. Place your doll horizontally on a flat surface like a bed or soft foam pad. Combine a one-to-one ratio of unscented detergent and water in a spray bottle. Spray the front half of her body, and utilize a baby wipe. Dry her with the soft fleece towel, and with a make up brush, apply powder to her body to create a smooth skin feeling. After you finish, flip her over and repeat this method to her back.


The Orifices

The mouth, anus, and vagina are high-stress areas that are used often. Ideally, you should apply Nivea creme to these areas. The oil in this product will quickly be absorbed by the TPE. Oil is what makes the TPE theft and elastic if it were to dry out then a rip or tear will seem, so it’s vital to invest in proper care. Leave the Nivea creme for roughly six hours. For higher protection, you’ll be able to apply Nivea whenever you use the orifices.

TPE Rehydration

You should hydrate your whole doll with oil once a month. Similar to cleaning your doll, apply lotion or balm to the front half of the body and wait two hours before turning her over to complete her backside. Make certain to get rid of any powder before oiling her body. Vaseline can be used in high-stress areas like the armpits and crotch, however, these areas need around 12 hours for absorption. Vaseline and Nivea creme incorporate higher oil content than a balm. For hydrating the whole body, the balm is that the best alternative.

Using Lube

When utilizing your doll, you do not need to invest in water-based lubricants. You can simply use Vaselin or balm, as it is safe for the doll.

Fixed Vaginas

If the vagina of your doll is in-built, then it is trickier to clean. You will need an aquarium pump to air the cavity out completely. We highly recommend you always buy an insert model as this is the simple way of cleaning after use. Aside from exterior looks, a fixed and insert vagina are no different.

Cleaning FAQs

Q: How often should I wash her, powder her, and treat her with oil?

A: It depends on usage. Like washing your car, it only needs to be cleaned when it is used.

Q: What is best to clean her with?

A: Although cleaning a sponge is fine, a microfiber washcloth is the best, because it covers your hand and you can encompass arms and legs with the microfiber washcloth.

Q- What is soft soap and where can I buy it?

A- Because there is no soap made for TPE and silicone dolls, you have to make the “soft soap” out of a normal and very harmless soap or shower gel. The best formula for “soft soap” is eight parts water to two parts soap/shower gel mixed.

Please note soaps or shower gel with fruity and vegetable oils (coconut oil, olive oil, etc.) are not recommended for making “soft soap”. Why?

All of these oils are producing an oil film on the TPE surface and are hindering the breathing function of TPE.

Q- What should I use for disinfecting?

A- You must use peroxide third. For her orifices, spray some peroxide third on a tampon and insert it for a short while. Do NOT use alcohol. It absorbs oil and the drying will lead to skin cracks.

Q- How do I get rid of stains?

A- It’s best to use a product created specifically for TPE dolls, like the cleaner Indigo20 sells. However, plenty of individuals square measure mix dissolving agents, mineral spirits, white spirits (lighter petrol) and inodorous mineral spirits for removing stains from their TPE doll. Be careful of the products you buy because some stain removers for silicon dolls have been known to damage TPE

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