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Homemade Sex Dolls You Have to See

There are plenty of people who understand a love doll with Play-Doll is well worth the investment, and there are others who are willing to cut corners to get off. Of all the homemade sex dolls we have seen over the years, we can think of two or three that have been most memorable- you’ll see why.

The makeshift mannequin

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There are those who have Frankenstein’d their dolls together with individual sex toys shaped like body parts online and have attached them to mannequin bodies. Homemade Sex Toys has an innovative example. Though these dolls are easier to pose than other homemade options, they are totally rigid aside from the silicone attachment pieces and are not flexible.

The tape travesty

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This lovely lady was created by Reddit user, zeppelin_weapon, who showed her off to the world. No matter if you tape a photo of Katy Perry or Jennifer Aniston’s face to the head of these dolls, they will still be exactly what they feel like, a tough piece of duct tape. Whatever is holding her together underneath is probably not sturdy, leaving her to be used in just one or two positions.

The scary skeleton

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You might never be able to think about that old skeleton in your anatomy class again. For those looking for a more realistic body shape, they literally have taken a skeleton replica to create their sex dolls with attachment pieces. Sure, they’re poseable, but we can think of few people where bare bones are a turn on.

Fortunately, when you work with a company like Play-Doll, you’re creating a sex doll that is entirely realistic and meets your standards. We have a variety of affordable dolls that feel real, are flexible, poseable, have three penetration holes, and will surpass any of your wildest fantasies. If you’re looking to upgrade your doll and pleasure yourself in a way you never thought possible, then it’s time to create her with our customizable features.

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