Gay doll Bob

Meet Gay Bob!

Today, certain things are better left alone or just not said in fear of social backlash. This however was not the case even a couple of decades ago. This weeks post shows what would have been acceptable back in the 1970’s. It is a doll, though only 12 inches tall. Meet Gay Bob!


Gay Bob was initially introduced in 1977 by Harvey Rosenberg and was said to be the world’s first gay doll. Gay Bob is jam pack with stereotypical gay items. He has an earring, leather man-bag, and a closet to come out of. Harvey was also kind enough to pack him with a large penis. I personally am not gay, but care how all people are treated. Thus, I am asking anyone out there what your opinion is on Bob.

Do you think that it is insensitive, funny, or do you feel indifferent on Gay Bob? Based off of the writing on the box Harvey did intend this to be a positive and maybe life changing doll. Here is a quote from Bob himself, “…Gay people are no different than straight people… if everyone came “out of their closets” there wouldn’t be so many angry, frustrated, frightened people… People who are not ashamed of what they are, are more lovable, kind and understanding.. It’s not easy to be honest about what you are — in fact it takes a great deal of courage… But remember if Gay Bob has the courage to come out his closet, so can you…”

The 70’s and 80’s we a time of change for people who identified as LGBT. Until recently it was very hard for people to walk freely and express their “true colors”. During this time a lot of celebrities were coming out. These types of toys were the beginning of media starting to see “value” in covering sexual orientation as equality. Whether you like Gay Bob or not, Harvey took a chance on him. He was designed and given an awesome back story to help bring awareness.

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