Sex doll straddling a chair

Dublin Brothel Hosts Lifelike Sex Doll

We were just talking only a few weeks ago of the sex doll brothels opening up in various parts of Europe, and now it seems it has grown even further. According to Mirror, a brothel in Ireland’s capital has begun hosting the country’s “most realistic sex doll” named Passion Dolly. Her rate starts at just over $50 for 30 minutes or over $100 for an hour.

Sex dolls continue to be one of the largest growing trends in 2017. Not only are they hitting mainstream media outlets, but they are also being used across the world as an alternative option to fulfill nearly any desire. Play-Doll loves to hear that so many men using dolls like Dolly to get everything they want out of their next sexual experience.

Much like the other brothels in Europe that host these dolls, Passion Dolly will be there to greet you in a rented room, dressed to your liking. She has the same silicone skin and metal skeleton as other sex dolls on the market, and she vibrates. Dolly can be positioned to your living and provides the most realistic pleasure out there.

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