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How You Can Customize Your Love Doll

The best part of having your own fuck doll? She is everything you have ever wanted. She was created specifically to satisfy you, and Play-Doll can promise that she is made perfectly because you were the one who designed her. For our dolls, we have a variety of free and small-charge customizations that creates your most ideal woman. Play-Doll knows that you are choosing a partner, and we want her to be everything you ever imagined she could be.

Choose your doll

Every person has their own taste, and for that Play-Doll has a huge selection of dolls. Our dolls are available at a variety of heights, body types, and facial features. One of our dolls is bound to be your perfect fit.

Choose skin color

Have a preference? Make a choice between our four shades: pale, neutral, tan, and black.

Choose eye color

Do you have a color in mind? Choose from blue, brown, and green.

Choose hair color and style

With over 15 options to choose from, there is a style and color meant for you.

Choose vagina

Use your doll to her fullest potential with a fixed, 2cm, or 2.5cm removable option.

Choose pubic hair

Are you partial to a particular style? Play-Doll offers a choice of shaved, full, custom, or natural.

Choose nail colors

From hands to feet, you can choose a permanent color which polishes off her look.

Choose foot style

If you have creative activities for your doll, consider our stand-up foot option.

Finding your own flawless love doll is simpler than you could ever imagine. All that stands in the way of you meeting her is committing to your order. What are you waiting for? Your perfect match is just a few clicks away.

With more questions, check us out online or contact us today by calling (509) 288-4647.

2 thoughts on “How You Can Customize Your Love Doll”

    1. Currently there isn’t.
      The heat and sound options are only available on the silicone dolls.
      Heat is a heating rod that you insert into the orifice to heat the area to 98.6 F.
      The sound option allows you to have moaning or groaning sounds while you are having sex.
      This adds to the fantasy! Any other questions please ask!
      Thanks, PD

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