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Child Dolls: Used for Mental Health, Ok or Not Ok?

First and foremost!!!  I want to make it VERY CLEAR that I, any of my employees, and Ladon Global along with any and all of it’s affiliates DO NOT associate, or plan to sell any of these sex dolls at any time!  So please do not post things here or anywhere else that are negative towards.  Please share with each other and keep it clean and civil.  All views are equally important and treated with respect.  Those who can’t post thoughts like an adult will be deleated.  We are posting this blog as a means to make people aware that this product exists and start a debate on a different form of sex doll.

Here is an article that talks about Child Dolls



An article, which was published earlier this year (2016) brought to light a Japanese manufacturer of sex dolls that focuses on child sex dolls.  The owner, Shin Takagi, claims that his reasoning behind creating the dolls was to stop or combat pedophiles from harming real children.  He said, “We should accept that there is no way to change someone’s fetishes” and ““I am helping people express their desires, legally and ethically. It’s not worth living if you have to live with repressed desire.”  What are your opinions about what he is saying?  Whether you think child dolls are a solution to pedophilia or not isn’t my first question.  Do you think that ones fetishes could or should be changed?


There have been many studies done on the treatment of pedophilia and many conclude that there isn’t any “real” cure because it is deep inside ones brain and can’t just simply be turned off.  This article has referenced the Mayo Clinic, which is a viable source for factual information.  This article also states that while there is no cure currently, that there hasn’t been any studies done to prove or disprove the use of these sex dolls helps with the reduction of crimes on children.  My second question to you, my readers, Should trained medical professions be given the chance to perform some sort of case study on the affects of child sex doll use?



I can tell all of you that as an owner that manufactures and sells sex/love dolls that I have seen dolls similar to the ones Takagi manufactures at exhibitions around the world.  At first I was disgusted by what I saw.  I was standing at major sex product trade show with likenesses of children being represented.  A company has a display set up with full-sized love dolls and right next to them you have a baby and toddler.  As a father myself, I had to ask what they were doing there?  The answer that I got doesn’t actually shock me.  They all said that they were not for sale and they were used to show customers the quality of the mold.  My question to them next was, why children?  I think as a “normal” person I wasn’t really looking forward to the answer because it might frighten me, but they said they sold them to hospitals to use as likenesses to real children for training purposes.  Though Takagi doesn’t say how he got the idea, I am assuming that he might have seen them being used for medical purposes and thought of a new use.

Again after reading the article and my blog what  talks can be had  about this subject or the questions I have placed forth?

Do you think that ones fetishes could or should be changed?  Should trained medical professions be given the chance to perform some sort of case study on the affects of child sex doll use?  As I said earlier I will never sell anything remotely similar to these sex dolls, but is there a new place for them in this industry?  Thanks for your time and valued opinions.

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