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Blow-Up Jackets and Bags

Have you ever wanted to wear your sex doll?

I have seen these jackets before. I am sure most of you have at some point have too. It has always been in my mind to write a small post about these blow-up doll jackets because selling dolls is part of my life. And why not? Sex Dolls have been seen in many different forms over thousands of years, but none like this!


A Dutch artist, Sander Reijgers, was commissioned by a “sponsor” to take these dolls to a different place. The artist says that the sponsor gave him 50 dolls to create the collection. Sander cut the dolls into smaller usable pieces making them easier to use while creating jackets and bags. As you can see they are very stylish and many would love to wear them walking down the street. Not too sure about that. As you can see from some of the photos vaginas, heads, nipples and even the area to blow up the doll was fair game. Is this something you would love to wear? Would you blow up your jacket or bag for added effect? Not that I have look very hard, but I haven’t seen any of these for sale, have you?


Sander says the idea came to him after reading a book titled, ‘The Malady of Death’ by Marguerite Duras. The book describes the main character as one that is incapable of having feelings for others. Sander decided to use blow up dolls, which are also incapable of feeling. Using them as either jackets or bags gives these dolls feeling because they are used in everyday life.

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