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A Better Look at Male Sex Dolls

When many of our customers think of a realistic sex doll, they often automatically think of a female option. It’s true that a vast majority of sex dolls on the market are women, but what about the male options out there? Play-Doll experts know it’s becoming a bigger topic of conversation, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

The print and online publication Vice has a video series called Slutever where they often follow, learn, and discuss sex as a topic in various parts of culture and news. Their resident sexpert Karley Sciortino dives deep into the world of custom male fuck dolls, literally. She made it her mission to learn about and have sexual relations with a realistic male sex doll, talk with other women who have companion male sex dolls, visit a popular manufacturer to learn the science behind each creation, and get a better grasp on this developing trend.

There are plenty of ways companies are trying to make the experience with a male fuck doll better than they were before. Many are experimenting with heat options, penises that can transition from flaccid to erect, realistic body hair, and more. The longer this trend continues, the better male sex dolls will satisfy women and leave them coming back for more.

We love the topic of male sex dolls because there are so few companies out there who are committed to making a realistic option. Weight, anatomy and realistic sensations are all concerns for women who are considering a male sex doll, and Play-Doll is a company that has spent the time and research learning exactly what our customers are looking for at an affordable price.

Looking for a hot, male sex doll of your own? Check out Justice or Ryu on our website, or for more questions, call our experts today at (509) 288-4647.

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