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Indonesian Police Take Doll From Man

Earlier this year a Indonesian Fisherman found an “angel” floating in the ocean. He thought it was sent to him from the heavens.  Living in a remote area he doesn’t have access to the internet or any other means to find out what the woman truly was.

The fisherman took the sex doll home and his family care for it like it was a real human.  They dressed her in traditional clothing and soon word spread about the doll.  indonesian-sex-doll-2Police investigated the claims and even took photos.  These photos soon were seen all over social media along with the mans claim she was an “angel”.  The police found that the angel was in fact a sex doll and confiscated it.  What do you think about our little friend?  Should the fisherman be able to keep her?  Do you think that sex dolls can actually take on a more important role an ones life?

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