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The Bartending Sex Doll

TPE and silicone sex dolls have been used for sex, as companions, and now as your favorite bartender? Play-Doll loves to talk about all things love doll related because hello- we love what we do. Being able to give our customers the best pleasure they have ever had is always been a top priority, but there are other companies out there who are using dolls in new ways.

Japanese company Orient-Industry has made some changes to their latex dolls that have transformed her from as sex goddess and into a great place to grab a drink, literally. By massaging one breast, the opposite nipple will dispense a drink. It has had a positive and exciting reaction to many who have tried her out first hand, and by the videos online, we can tell she is a big hit. We can think of a million reasons we would like to go out to a place with one of these lovely women behind the bar.

Play-Doll must admit; we don’t have a $5,000 drink-dispensing sex doll. What we do have, however, is a selection of dolls that will meet and surpass any one person’s desires. Our team of experts have completed the research and can customize a doll to create the perfect, sexy partner you have always wanted. Not only are they your flawless counterpart, but they also have the flexibility and features you need to perform the sexual fantasies you have always wanted to try.

With international shipping, Play-Doll will deliver to any country that allows sex related products in discreet packaging. So, if you find that a sex doll is exactly what you have been looking for, then look no further than Play-Doll. Check out our extensive inventory; you are sure to find a woman that catches your eye, we can guarantee it.

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