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sex doll with black frizzy hair and beautiful faceSassy Sex Doll Saffron

With a savage and seductive fuck-me-now look, Sassy Sex Doll Saffron will definitely please you if digging into European lands is what you’re looking for.

That’s right, this naughty little girl has all those tiny and tight features we all love about European beauties and little exotic characteristics that can blow up your mind.

With olive green eyes that make an uncontrollable contrast with her dark brown hair, a wild look ready to please you in the naughtiest ways you could possibly want, a pretty fat yet attractive pair of lips (just like the ones between her thighs), a pretty thick neck begging for you to stroke, enormous and heavy nice tits ready for you to rub, lick or cum on.

Still not turned on? Hang in there; this baby has a vaginal depth of 17cm and anus depth of 14 cm, so be sure to penetrate that pussy with no hesitation thus this naughty sexy doll can bend and pose in any way you want thanks to her metal skeleton and tpe skin.

That’s right, she can be fully posed and articulated for your absolute pleasure, so what are you waiting for? ‘Cause this naughty little doll is waiting for you.
Cute sexy face with Asian eyes, an open mouthShy Sex Doll Ling ling

Wouldn’t you like to fuck that little shy girl you dream of? Just imagine accomplishing your fantasy of fucking roughly that little shy girl you always walk to, if so, keep reading about our Shy Sex doll Ling Ling

Such an innocent beauty with big round blue eyes, shot cinnamon brown hair, a little mouth with fat read lips in which you could easily sink. But just hold until you get to know about this baby’s attributes…

This doll’s ass is the firmest and round thing you will ever find, her butt cheeks are the perfect place for you to spank with no compassion and hold with no hesitation.
This beauty might look innocent and angelical with her pretty face but let her tits talk once you discover her shocking h-cup. Trust me, you won’t feel her innocence once her long legs are split up and you sink into 18cm of deep pleasure.

Shy sex doll Ling Ling is definitely your angelical doom. With amazing realistic details on her collar bones, back, nipples and round ass, this doll is ready to leave innocence behind once you make her get on her knees and stay like that for hours.

Her metal skeleton will obey to your orders and her tpe skin won’t ask for compassion. What are you waiting for? Take home this baby right now.
Black sex dollAfrican American Sex Doll Nava

Brown sugar mama, with fat chocolate lips, dark brown eyes and pretty long dark hair. Oh man, this African sexy doll is definitely the best option if you want such an exotic beauty right in front of you (or in top of you, maybe?).

Her firm ass might be cute and little but this doll’s realistic details on the back and abs, will blow your mind away. You can easily proof just by holding that pretty tight ass and sticking into brown sugar prominent pussy.

Her lips (not upper ones) are an invitation for sin, just split her legs up and look let your tongue do the rest, trust me, you will enjoy it even more that her.

With soft tpe skin and metal skeleton, this baby will obey any pose you demand. exploit her obedience.
Blonde love doll with short hair closed eyes and plump lipsLove Doll Desarae

Play Doll Love Doll Desarae is an incredible realistic naughty doll, with a tight and muscular body, this baby is always in shape for you, therefore, always feed her gently in that pretty red mouth of hers.

As mentioned before, this doll is quite gym result, not to mention her enormous breasts with prominent and sexy pointed nipples ready for you to bite pull or lick.

This baby like rough games despite her pretty fancy yet retro look. With lovely short blonde hair just as the stunning Marilyn Monroe, she is always posing for you, but don’t get too distracted ‘cause this doll’s rounded ass will make you pay her attention immediately.

With a vaginal depth of 18cm, anus depth of 16cm and mouth depth of 13cm Love Doll Desarae is ready to make your fantasies come true.
Hispanic round face, puffy red lips, blue eyes and curly hairNaughty Sex Doll Sally

Our lovely Sally… this cowgirl with show you how to ride –her way-. But don’t worry, her big fat tits are the best place for you to hold whenever she decides to go on top of you and ride the beast just like she knows how to.

Her badass look make people want to fuck her with no compassion, due to her big blue eyes and that little red lips ready to suck milk just like the bad cowgirls do.

Her labia is so tight and so comfortable you will grab her soft waist made of tpe skin and will make her get into any position you want.

Thanks to her metal skeleton, this doll will ride you however you want.

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