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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are known around the world, but there are many facts that new customers don’t know! Play-Doll has spent years perfecting our realistic sex doll options, and with that, we have spent time learning about this industry. We come across interesting facts often, and always want to share our findings with customers who are interested.1) Sex dolls have been around for hundreds of years! Starting in the 17th century, Dutch sailors created “Dutch wives” for their long and lonely travels on the open sea. These dolls were created out of leather, and many were sold in Japan, which begun much of the popularity in many Asian countries.

2) Because of the origins associated with Dutch sailors and Japanese trade when the first sex dolls were created, the Japanese translation for sex dolls correlates with “Dutch wives” and is still used to this day.

3) Realistic sex dolls can be heavier than you might anticipate. With so many associating sex dolls with plastic, blow-up versions, many do not consider the weight of silicone or TPE dolls. Many sex dolls start at around 75 pounds and can go up in weight depending on size.

4) In the 1950s, the German’s designed a small doll called Bild Lilli Doll, which was based off an erotic, German actress and was intended for adult men. In the 1960s, Mattel bought the rights to the doll, and it is believed the original Barbie was based off these designs.

5) There are many sex doll forums online. There are large communities that discuss sex dolls on different forums across the internet. From where to purchase dolls to the emotions associated with it, these communities exist and allow others to connect with their different experiences.

Without our extensive knowledge about even the oddest facts related to sex dolls, Play-Doll wouldn’t be able to offer you the expertise or understanding of our product. We are fully committed to our customers and creating the best dolls on the market, and would love for you to try out one of our dolls.

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