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5 Role-Play Ideas You Will Love

Let’s face it, vanilla sex can be exactly what it describes- vanilla. When you have a life-sized sex doll, you’re able to fulfill nearly every fantasy you can imagine. For that, there are plenty of ways you can spice up your bedroom time. Role-play is the sexiest way to meet all of your desires with the same partner because you can make it up as you go along! If you’ve been wanting to try role-playing but don’t know where to start, Play-Doll has a few suggestions.

1. Playing doctor

Want to dip your toes into role-playing? The classic doctor/patient scenario will never get old when you if you’re looking for an excuse to examine one another’s bodies. Trust us; you’ll want to explore more options after trying this one out.

2. Sex with a stranger

There’s just something so sexy about imagining a one-night stand with someone you have never met before. Dress up as different people and take on new personas. You can pretend to be your favorite character all while enjoying your partner in a new way.

3. Call-girl

Have you always dreamed of sleeping with a sex worker or thought acting as a sex worker could be hot? A call-girl role-play could be the perfect scenario for you. Dress your girl in her sexiest lingerie and let your imagination run wild.

4. The boss/employee

Looking to get a raise or promotion at work but don’t know how? Those authoritative dynamics can be a real turn-on for many people, and provide the perfect dom/sub situation. Utilize your home office to add a personal touch.

5. The mile-high club

Now, having sex on a plane is easier said than done, but you can bring that same idea into your own home. Use a small bathroom in your home to create the ideal airplane washroom and let the creativity in your mind take over.

The best part of having a fuck doll is that there is being able to have limitless sex with a sexy woman who will never judge or question your fantasies. She will be there for you and will be the perfect partner for any role-play idea you might have. When you have a realistic fuck doll, the possibilities are endless, and we know you’ll love it.

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