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Top 10 Other Uses for Your Sex Doll

When clients come to Play-Doll, they are usually searching for one of the best fuck dolls on the market that can be customized to their every desire. However, there are plenty of people out there who have found strange uses for sex dolls we’ve been sharing all week on our social media pages that we want to talk about a little bit more.

10. Drinking Buddy 

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Few people want to drink alone, and having a sex doll with you means you never have to. Whether you decide to have a cold one at your house or even head over to the new bar in Japan that uses a sex doll as a bartender and drink dispenser, you’re sure to have a great time.

9. Wrestler

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They say legends never die and inflatable sex doll Yoshihiko has been working as a professional wrestler since 2004. As a part of a wrestling promotion Dramatic Dream Team, other wrestlers treat Yoshihiko as if he were real. This might be the most unique wrestling experience you will ever get.

8. Vacation Partner

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Enjoying your vacation is much better with someone at your side, and there have been plenty who have done it in the past. A UK man has been reported taking his doll on vacations and leaving his wife at home- both of whom are totally okay with the change of pace.

7. Clothing

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Ever wonder what it is like to be a sex doll? There are clothing companies that are now making clothing out of them. For example, artist Sander Reijgers has been making a statement with recycled blow-up sex doll windbreakers and track suits.

6. Movie Star

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Have you heard of an actor by the name of Ryan Gosling? In 2007, he starred in an Oscar-nominated movie, Lars and the Real Girl. The other leading cast member in the movie? A doll he bought on the internet and fell in love with.

5. Scarecrow

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If you’re looking to keep people and birds out of your yard, this is the perfect party trick. China Daily reported a farmer using a sex doll to discourage the birds, and it seems to be doing the trick quite nicely.

4. Celebrity Carpool 

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Even some of the biggest celebrities understand the perks of having a sex doll. Miley Cyrus received an inflatable doll as a gift and promptly placed her in the passenger seat of her car. It’s been a few years, but we have a feeling she might still be sitting there.

3. Raft

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Tom Hanks created a raft out of trees, branches, and vines in Cast Away, and Family Guy used blow-up sex dolls. Though we don’t suggest hitting the open sea on a bunch tied together, there would be no better floatation device we can think of.

2. Home Protector 

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If there is one way to deter someone from breaking into your home, it would be to set up a sex doll to be lounging on your couch. With how realistic TPE and silicone sex dolls appear, anyone would assume it were a real person.

1. Advertising

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There are plenty of ways to get customers to come into your store, but a blow-up doll will surely turn heads more than other marketing devices out there. Hey, what can be better than pizza and a gorgeous girl?

If you are looking for your own fuck doll to use for your personal pleasure that might fall outside of these strange uses, check out our selection at Play-Doll. You won’t be disappointed.

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